About us

Motto: Passion for translations combined with quality and professionalism!

We are a team of professional translators, dedicated to the job, with an experience of over 8 years in the field of notarized and authorized translation in/from the most important languages of the European Union (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, etc).
We own the authorization of interpreter-translator for each of these languages, issued by Ministry of Justice, in important areas such as: Legal Science, Economics, Accounting, Technical, Medical etc.
We propose that by each achieved Project to win a market score and a high quality standard in translation/interpretation areas.

We offer and provide

  • Quality of the accomplished services.
  • Strict compliance of the execution terms for each project apart – either normal or urgent.
  • Competitive prices
  • Discounts for our loyal customers.
  • Ensuring of the confidentiality of all the signed contracts and documents.
  • Efficient coordination of materials/projects received from customers.
  • Invoice for all the completed projects.

Other advantages by working with us:

  • Prolonged availability during the day.
  • Release upon request, on paper support, of authorized copies of your kept translations into our archive or simple sending in electronic format via e-mail or scanned (signed and stamped by the authorized translator).
  • Flexibility in what concerns the payment and the way to complete it.
  • Discounts for translation of graduation and standard documents.
  • Assistance in preparing the translated documents for public auctions.
  • Leading assist into preparing for authorized translator/interpret exam.
  • Take over orders even in weekends (by phone or e-mail).

In order to accomplish a successful activity, our projects benefit of a responsible coordination, in which each project is treated with maximum amount of professionalism and reliability. Across the accumulated experience, we have always reliedon on complex organization, efficient communication, team spirit and cooperation relationship.
Quality and reliability are our main advantages and prices recommend us. Be one of our customers!